Heavy birds think they are the sh*t in their flock

Artificially beefed-up male pigeons behave as if they are socially superior than others. Frickin gym all over again...

Annotating unknown clusters in scRNAseq data using CIPR: A cross-species reference comparison

We have recently published a Shiny (R) app called Cluster Identity Predictor (CIPR) in BMC Bioinformatics that helps annotate unknown clusters in single cell RNAseq (scRNAseq) datasets. CIPR does its thing by comparing the gene expression signatures of unknown clusters against signatures from known cell types.

Fight obesity by not eating late

The central rule of pretty much every weight loss program is “burn more, eat less”. However, science is discovering that the calorie math may not be that simple. Wouldn’t it be just great to eat as much as we want and keep lean?